About VitalenLIGHTenment

Wanda Vitale is an intuitive coach with global clientele, assisting them to step out of the limitation of logic and linearity and into the expression of their soul mission as sovereign multi-dimensional beings.  The awakening world is calling forth the highest expression of our unique gifts and talents that only we can offer.  She will guide you to trust your innate wisdom and voice and translate reality into the beautiful contrast for course correction and creation  - your creation, the one that is calling to be expressed.

Wanda works with a multidimensional team of galactics and other beings who accelerate the process of diamond light body and rainbow body activations.  For the past year they have focused on activating the Eden Template in those who are ready.   When the Eden Template is activated pure creation energy for new paradigms flows through the soul blueprint … we become the creation codes.  In the absence of fear, doubt, patterns of limitation, patterns of struggle and unworthiness our true nature remains:  love, abundance, joy, excitement, curiosity, passion, unity.  Life becomes a journey of exploration and opportunities for spirit to birth through us, as us.

In the last few years her clients have experienced an unwavering trust in their own inner GPS, intuitive abilities skyrocketing, new wisdom as a result of galactic aspects integrating,  businesses that reflect the soul mission, moving through life’s shifts and changes with ease, anchoring in higher vibrational realities well in advance of the masses.  She works with many coaches and mentors.  Her private group on Facebook, The Diamond Path, supports those with whom she works with live calls and opportunities for everyone to facilitate and mentor within the group.  The group is a model for New Earth:  one body comprised of multiple individuated streams of expertise, collaboration, personal support and active exploration of new realms.