The Quantum Entrepreneur

Is it time to live your vision out loud?

The Quantum Entrepreneur

How do you move through everything that comes up in life while staying uncompromisingly true to you? How do you maintain your position as a leader in the New World when you have no idea who you even are? How do you move through your old beliefs as they are triggered and there is stuff to get done? How do you take your gifts to market when there is no model in the world? How do you manage everything including the creation process and your blindspots? Is there a way to dance on the head of a needle and love it?

My guides are saying this group is for Master Teachers, those of you whose words and expression in the world touches others in a big way. I was shown how we're being called into an entirely new level of service in the world and how the layers of dust (beliefs) on the prisms of our diamond light body MUST be clear in order for our higher dimensional aspects to work through us.  We are capable of so much now as we say YES to our biggest dreams which serve us and all of humanity in our own unique way.   I don't think we even have a clue as to how we're going to be lived through!    It's time for a quantum leap of consciousness - especially as the world heads into the real crunch years of systems falling away.

I started to develop a course outline, then realized the group would create its own very personal and pertinent outline when we come together. We all have layers of conditioning that need to go and which we will address as a group with meditations and discussion.  Awareness is the first step in choosing differently.

These are some of the topics we'll dive into though the content is really up to each of you:

  • What does it mean to be a leader now that you are influencing other people in a new way?
  • What comes up when you step fully in that role? With those you work with, within your immediate family? (Many others who have stepped fully out have had to make some difficult choices in their families); what about the rest of your life - our lives must be integrated in every way.
  • How to navigate the energetics of the summer and the upgrades. Holding firm in your path in complete Knowing no matter what 'reality' is doing and during those 'not knowing' times of upleveling
  • Group masterminding - allowing the focus of the group to hold your vision, to provide clarity for blindspots; using the knowledge of the group to expand your reach and present new ideas
  • An accountability partner, someone to talk you down from the ledge when you need it or just remind you how you're in perfect flow - even when it doesn't feel like it.
  • Staying true to You in the process of expansion
  • Navigating life with increased busyness
  • Increasing business with group process: I talked to a group that syndicates podcasts to many different stations. Is there a book in you, or personal interviews? This is about you reaching more people and in different ways
  • Integrating all the layers of beliefs that stand between everyone and their hearts desires, and saying yes to the new visions showing up when the mind says it's too much
  • One monthly group call for 2 hours, weekly check-ins with me 15-30 minutes; if something else feels better, let me know
  • Private FB Group
  • Inspiration, support, expansion, collaboration, groupmind

For many years I managed sales account teams and sold consulting agreements to Fortune 100 companies in 2-3 year sales cycles.  I was responsible for millions of dollars in revenue and under a microscope in every way.  I had to stand by my decisions. One of my roles was keeping my team inspired and operating at top levels.  I understand the practical aspects of leadership and running a business and how difficult it feels at times.  Now we add in the magic of quantum group dynamics since each of you bring unique gifts.  I am so excited to experience what happens in this small focused group!

Investment: $111/month with a 3 month minimum, payable here:

Start: Saturday, May 4th at 8:30 AM Pacific where we'll decide on topics; those of you traveling can join later.